What Is the Difference Between PPGI and PPGL?

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PPGI and PPGL have a lot in common, they not only have the mechanical strength and easy formability of steel plates, but also have the good decorative and corrosion resistance of organic materials. The coating has strong adhesion and can keep the color fresh for a long time. Both PPGI and PPGL are steels that are frequently used in various fields such as construction, home appliances, furniture, public facilities and transportation. And what is the difference between PPGI and PPGL? Today we will mainly talk about this question.

What is PPGI?

PPGI is the abbreviation of Pre-Painted Galvanized, that is, color-coated galvanized. Usually refers to steel products such as PPGI Coil (color-coated galvanized coil), PPGI Sheet (color-coated galvanized sheet), etc. Galvanized sheet refers to the surface plated with a Zinc-coated steel sheet. Galvanizing is a frequently used economical and effective method of corrosion protection, and about half of the world's zinc production is used in this process. Color steel plate refers to color-coated steel plate, and color-coated steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plate is divided into veneer, color steel composite plate, floor deck and so on. PPGI is based on the galvanized coil with a certain technology and then covered with colored paint to give the product more colors, and this colorful and beautiful surface makes it more widely used.

PPGI has both the mechanical strength and easy forming properties of steel plates, and the good decorative and corrosion resistance of organic materials. The coating has strong adhesion and can keep the color fresh for a long time. PPGI is widely used in construction, home appliances, furniture, public facilities and transportation and other fields.

What is PPGL?

PPGL stands for Galvalume Color Coated Steel Sheet. PPGL is the abbreviation of Pre-Painted Galvalume, that is, color-coated galvalume. Usually refers to steel products such as PPGL Coil (color-coated galvanized coil), PPGL Sheet (color-coated galvanized sheet).

What is the difference between PPGI and PPGL?

1. PPGI is galvanized color plate, PPGL is galvanized color plate, both are color plates, the substrate is different, one is galvanized structure, the other is galvanized structure, the substrate is different, which determines its performance difference.

2. PPGI is also Prepainted galvanized steel coils, the domestic general corresponding material is TDC51D+Z, or TDX51D+Z color coated steel plate.

PPGL is the abbreviation of prepainted galvanlume steel coils or Al-Zn coating steel coils, which is commonly known as galvanized color steel plate in China. The general ratio is 55% aluminum content, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon.

Advantages of PPGI

1. PPGI is light in weight and can be processed directly

PPGI is light in weight, spliced installation and can be cut at will, which determines the simplicity of its prefab installation, which can greatly improve efficiency and save construction time.

2. PPGI is good in corrosion resistance

Various studies have shown that it has been widely used in foreign countries for more than 40 years and confirmed that the shelf life of PPGI plates treated with special coatings is 10-15 years. After that, anti-corrosion coatings are sprayed every 10 years, and the life can reach more than 35 years.

3. PPGI is beautiful in appearance

The clear lines of the profiled PPGI plate are as many as dozens of colors, which can meet the needs of any style of prefab buildings and achieve satisfactory results. PPGI plate not only has the properties of high mechanical strength and easy forming of steel materials, but also has good decoration and corrosion resistance of coating materials.

Advantages of PPGL

1. PPGL has long warranty period

At present, PPGL is officially issued by the major steel mills, promising to guarantee 20 years without perforation (in the absence of obvious pollution). -8-year commitment letter, and even no warranty statement (some small factories actually use it for only 2 years), and there is no guarantee for the service life. After several years of experience, we have concluded that once the color begins to fade and chalk, the rust and corrosion of the substrate will be accelerated, and the adhesion of the paint is not conducive to the drainage and self-cleaning of the color plate. In addition, the substrate coating is not thick, so generally PE poly The service life of the ester color-coated board is about 8-12 years.

2. PPGL has low construction cost

The price cost of PPGL is very advantageous, and its cost is 10%-20% lower on average than the construction cost of ordinary color-coated plate.

3. PPGL has good thermal insulation effect

The thermal effect value of the 55% PPGL plate is very high, and the heat reflectivity of the 55% Al-Zn plated steel plate can reflect 70% of the heat energy in the sunlight. Therefore, when the plated product is directly exposed, it is used in roof and wall materials, and has a good thermal insulation effect.

4. PPGL has environmentally friendly economy

PPGL is directly used in construction, home appliances and other fields, replacing the traditional electroplating industry to a large extent. .

5. PPGL has long color warranty time

PPGL belongs to the direct external use of the metal plate. From the analysis of the structure and process of the galvanized natural color plate, it is hot-dip 55% aluminum-zinc alloy layer on the cold-rolled plate, and then used on the outside of the alloy layer. The anti-fingerprint film with a layer of 0.8um polymer nanostructure or the NW high-weather-resistant anti-fingerprint film is baked and cured at high temperature, and its adhesion is more perfect than that of the color-coated board, and it has a good self-cleaning effect. The galvanized natural color board has only one metal color (like silver gray and silver), and there is no color difference defect that often occurs with color-coated boards, and it is more convenient to use and install.

6. PPGL is well formed

PPGL can be directly formed without damage, and there are no problems in the processing and forming of color plates such as paint peeling, paint peeling, and touch-up.

7. PPGL is safe and pollution-free

PPGL is green and pollution-free. It is widely used in domestic and foreign countries, indoors and outdoors. It has no complicated color-coated plate process and pollution. It can be used for environmental protection passivation, environmental protection fingerprint resistance, fingerprint resistance, high weather resistance and fingerprint resistance.

8. PPGL is special material for light steel keel

PPGL has super corrosion resistance and weather resistance, making it the preferred material for light steel prefabricated houses. With low construction cost, it has become a unique choice for light steel prefabricated buildings.


PPGI and PPGL are steel products that we often use in various fields such as buildings, household appliances, furniture, public facilities and transportation. Only by making clear the differences between them can they better play their roles in their respective fields.

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