Stainless steel seamless tube for Malaysia

Stainless steel seamless tube for Malaysia
Stainless steel seamless tube for Malaysia
Stainless steel seamless tube for Malaysia
Stainless steel seamless tube for Malaysia
Stainless steel seamless tube for Malaysia
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Stainless steel seamless steel tube is one of the types of seamless steel tube. As a professional Stainless Steel Pipe supplier in China, one of our main products is stainless steel seamless pipe. We have sufficient production capacity to meet the demand of world market.

Stainless steel seamless tube parameters

Product Name
Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe
Product Standard
200/300/400 series
Wall thickness
2-300mm. Sizes can be customized.
Outside Diameter
20-1420mm. Sizes can be customized.
2B, 2BA, BA, HL, NO4, SB

Stainless steel seamless pipe introduction


As shown in the picture, this is stainless steel seamless pipe. It is stamped out of an iron bar. Stainless steel seamless steel pipe is a hollow section, without joints around the strip. Air, steam, water and other weak corrosive medium and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive medium corrosion. Stainless steel pipe is also called acid - resistant steel pipe.

It is precisely because of the corrosion resistance of stainless steel seamless pipes that they are highly sought after in the Malaysian market. In some special environments in Malaysia, especially in food, medical, water, chemical plants and other environments, corrosion-resistant stainless steel seamless steel pipes are required. These are unavoidable usage scenarios and hard requirements.

Stainless steel seamless pipe features for Malaysia

  • First, the thicker the wall thickness of the product, it is more economical and practical, the thinner the wall thickness, its processing cost will rise significantly.

  • Second, the process of the product determines its limited performance, the general seamless steel pipe accuracy is low: uneven wall thickness, low brightness inside the outer surface, high cost of sizing, and the inner surface and pitting, black spots are not easy to remove.

  • Third, its detection and shaping must be offline processing.Therefore, it has its advantages in high pressure, high strength and material for mechanical structure.

Fully understand the performance characteristics of stainless steel seamless steel pipes in order to better sell them in Malaysia.

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Specification Sheet for Malaysia

Stainless steel tube models: 201, 202, 301, 304, 321, 316, 316L, 310S, etc.

The material and specifications of stainless steel products are as follows:

Stainless steel bar (round bar, hexagonal bar, square bar, oval bar)

Specifications: Ф1mm~Ф480mm.

Material: SUS904L, 902L, 316, 316L, 316F, 309S, 310S, 304, 304L, 304F, 302, 303, 303F, 303Cu, 321, 420F, 430F and other cold-drawn bright steel and SUS304 hot rolled rod.

Ф6x1 Ф34x2-8 Ф70x3-10 Ф152x3-20 Ф8x1-2 Ф36x2-8 Ф73x3-10 Ф159x3-25

Ф10x1-2 Ф38x2-8 Ф76x2-16 Ф168x3-30 Ф12x1-3 Ф40x2-8 Ф80x2-16 Ф180x3-30

Ф14x1-4 Ф42x2-8 Ф83x2-16 Ф219x4-35 Ф16x1-4 Ф45x2-8 Ф89x2-16 Ф245x5-35

Ф18x1-4 Ф48x2-8 Ф95x2.5-16 Ф273x5-40 Ф20x1-5 Ф50x2-8 Ф102x2.5-18 Ф325x5-40

Ф22x1-5 Ф51x2-8 Ф108x2.5-18 Ф355x7-40 Ф25x1.5-5 Ф57x2-10 Ф114x2.5-18 Ф377x8-45

Ф27x2-5 Ф60x2-10 Ф120x3-18 Ф426x8-50 Ф28x2-5 Ф63x2-10 Ф127x3-18 Ф456x8-50

Ф30x2-8 Ф65x3-10 Ф133x3-18 Ф530x8-50 Ф32x2-8 Ф68x3-10 Ф140x3-20 Ф630x10-40

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Specifications in Malaysia

There are standard specifications for general stainless steel seamless pipes in the Malaysian market. The stainless steel seamless pipes we export to the Malaysian market are basically produced according to Chinese standards.

A. According to GB14975-94 "Stainless Steel Seamless Steel Pipe", the steel pipe usually has a length (indeterminate length) of 1.5-10m for hot-rolled steel pipe, and hot-extruded steel pipe is equal to and greater than 1m. For cold drawn (rolled) steel pipes with a wall thickness of 0.5 to 1.0 mm, 1.0 to 7 m; for those with a wall thickness greater than 1.0 mm, 1.5 to 8 m.

B. There are 45 kinds of hot-rolled (hot-extruded) steel pipes with a diameter of 54 to 480mm; a total of 36 kinds of wall thicknesses of 4.5 to 45mm. There are 65 types of cold-drawn (rolled) steel pipes with a diameter of 6 to 200mm; a total of 39 types with a wall thickness of 0.5 to 21mm.

C. There should be no cracks, folds, cracks, cracks, folds, delaminations and scarring defects on the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe. These defects should be completely removed (except for pipes for machining). After removal, the wall thickness and external Diameter exceeds negative deviation. Other minor surface defects that do not exceed the allowable negative deviation may not be removed.

D. The allowable depth of the straight road. Hot-rolled and hot-extruded steel pipes, with diameters less than or equal to 140mm, are not greater than 5% of the nominal wall thickness, and the maximum depth is not greater than 0.5mm; cold-drawn (rolled) steel pipes are not greater than 4% of the nominal wall thickness, and the maximum depth is not greater than 0.3 mm.

E. Both ends of the steel pipe should be cut at right angles, and the burrs should be removed.

Therefore, when we purchase stainless steel seamless pipes, we must pay attention to the above specifications and details, so that we can do a better job in the Malaysian market.

Manufacturing Process of Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe in Malaysia

1. Hot rolling (extruded seamless steel pipe): round tube billet → heating → perforation → three-roll skew rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → pipe removal → sizing (or diameter reduction) → cooling → straightening → hydraulic test (or flaw detection)→marking→warehousing

The raw material for rolling seamless tubes is a round tube blank, which is cut by a cutting machine into a billet with a length of about 1 meter, and sent to a furnace for heating through a conveyor belt. The billets are fed into the furnace and heated at about 1200 degrees Celsius. The fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. The temperature control in the furnace is a key issue. After the round tube blank is released from the furnace, it must be pierced by a pressure piercer. Generally, the more common punching machine is the conical roller punching machine. This kind of punching machine has high production efficiency, good product quality, large amount of perforation and diameter expansion, and can wear a variety of steel grades. After perforation, the round tube blank is successively cross-rolled, continuously rolled or extruded by three rolls. After extrusion, the tube should be removed and sizing. The sizing machine rotates into the steel billet at high speed through the conical drill bit to punch holes to form steel pipes. The inner diameter of the steel pipe is determined by the outer diameter of the drill bit of the sizing machine. After the steel pipe is sizing, it enters the cooling tower and is cooled by water spray. After the steel pipe is cooled, it will be straightened. After straightening, the steel pipe is sent to the metal flaw detector (or hydraulic test) by the conveyor belt for internal flaw detection. If there are cracks, bubbles and other problems inside the steel pipe, it will be detected. After the steel pipe quality inspection, it must pass strict manual selection. After the quality inspection of the steel pipe, the serial number, specification, production batch number, etc. are sprayed with paint. And lifted into the warehouse by crane. 

The above is the manufacturing process and process of our stainless steel seamless pipes exported to the Malaysian market.

Stainless steel seamless pipes are widely used in the Malaysian market.

1. Stainless steel seamless pipes are used in the Malaysian automotive industry

The automotive industry in Malaysia has also been greatly developed, and a large number of stainless steel seamless pipes will be used here. In the automotive industry, stainless steel is mainly used in the exhaust system, which accounts for more than 1/2 of the total amount of automotive stainless steel, and 80% is ferritic stainless steel. Common steel grades for exhaust systems are 409L, 436L, etc. Automotive mufflers mainly use stainless steel welded pipes. It is estimated that the stainless steel pipes used in automobiles account for about 1.5% of the total downstream use of stainless steel pipes, while the proportion of stainless steel seamless pipes and welded pipes is about 2:1 in Malaysia.

2. Stainless steel seamless pipes are used in the petrochemical industry in Malaysia, including the fertilizer industry

The petrochemical industry in Malaysia, including the fertilizer industry, has a huge demand for stainless steel pipes. This industry mainly uses stainless steel seamless pipes. The specifications include: 304, 321, 316, 316L, 347, 317L, etc., and the outer diameter is about ¢18-¢610 , the wall thickness is about 6mm-50mm (generally, the medium and low pressure pipelines with specifications above Φ159mm are selected), and the specific application fields are: furnace tubes, material conveying tubes, heat exchanger tubes, etc.

3. Fluid transportation of stainless steel seamless pipes in Malaysia such as water and gas

Stainless steel pipes and their water delivery equipment are the most advanced basic water purification materials in the world today. They have strong anti-corrosion properties, which cannot be compared with cast iron pipes, carbon steel pipes, and plastic pipes.

The best material for water industry such as water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration, seawater desalination, etc. The annual demand in Malaysia is about 5,000 tons.

4. Stainless steel seamless pipe equipment manufacturing and maintenance in Malaysia

The annual consumption of stainless steel pipes in Malaysia is more than 3,000 tons. Such industries mainly use sanitary or antibacterial grade stainless steel pipes. Hygienic seamless pipes made of SUS304 and 316L produced in Malaysia can meet the special requirements of various media in the fields of food and biopharmaceuticals. Antibacterial stainless steel has the advantages of stainless steel and good antibacterial properties in kitchen equipment, workbenches in the food industry.

Application and Prospect of Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe in Malaysia

Stainless steel pipes are safe, reliable, hygienic, environmentally friendly, economical and applicable. The thin-walled pipes and the successful development of new reliable, simple and convenient connection methods make them have more irreplaceable advantages of other pipes, and their applications in engineering will be more and more. , the use will become more and more popular, and the prospects for Malaysia are promising.

With the implementation of Malaysia's reform and opening-up policy, the national economy has achieved rapid growth, and a large number of urban housing, public buildings and tourist facilities have been built, which has put forward new requirements for hot water supply and domestic water supply. In particular, the issue of water quality has been paid more and more attention by people, and the requirements have been continuously improved. Galvanized steel pipe, a common pipe material due to its corrosiveness, will gradually withdraw from the stage of history under the influence of relevant policies in Malaysia. Plastic pipes, composite pipes and copper pipes have become commonly used pipes in pipeline systems. However, in many cases, stainless steel pipes are more advantageous, especially thin-walled stainless steel pipes with a wall thickness of only 0.6 to 1.2 mm are used in high-quality drinking water systems, hot water systems and water supply systems that put safety and hygiene first. Safe and reliable, hygienic and environmentally friendly, economical and applicable. It has been proved by engineering practice in Malaysia and abroad as one of the best, new, energy-saving and environmentally friendly pipes in the water supply system. Unparalleled effect.

In Malaysia's building water supply piping system, since galvanized steel pipes have ended a glorious history of a hundred years, various new types of plastic pipes and composite pipes have developed rapidly. The needs of the piping system and the national requirements for drinking water and related water quality. Therefore, relevant experts predict that the building water supply pipes will eventually return to the era of metal pipes. According to the application experience abroad, the thin-walled stainless steel pipe is identified as one of the pipes with the best comprehensive performance among the metal pipes.

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