Roofing sheet price per square feet in India

Roofing sheet price per square feet in India
Roofing sheet price per square feet in India
Roofing sheet price per square feet in India
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Roofing sheet price per square feet in India the roof board is a light weight, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, colorful new material, with moisture-proof, corrosion resistance and other advantages. The price per square foot of shingles varies according to specification, type of application, and the price varies for different shingles.

In the past decade, the Indian roofing industry has undergone a transformation. The main changes in the roofing industry can be attributed to two reasons. One is the growth of industrial applications in the Indian market. Second, consumers are dissatisfied with the existing choice of traditional roofing materials and want to get more value out of their investment in roofing panels. This, in turn, has created a higher demand for different types of boards to protect roofs and walls. Different types of roof panels have their pros and cons, and when installed perfectly, they can significantly increase the life of any type of roof.

Common roof sheet for India
typeadhibitionroof sheet price

corrugated roofing sheets

Agricultural buildings, garages, porches and sheds

Rs 250/square meter to Rs 500/square meter

polycarbonate roofing sheets

Industrial and commercial buildings

Rs 800/square meter to Rs 1500/square meter

metal roofing sheets

Backyard, garden building and industrial roof

Rs 250/square meter to Rs 350/square meter

corrugated Plastic Tile

Garden sheds and temporary structures

Rs 500/square meter to Rs 1000/square meter

1.Corrugated roofing sheets with low price and long service life

    Corrugated roofing sheets, mainly used in agricultural buildings, have repeated folds on their surfaces. Because of their unique shape, they last much longer than normal panels. Their waveforms are designed with ridges and grooves that allow them to increase strength and advantage in small areas.

Thin metals like aluminum can also be equipped to withstand decades of wind and rain because of their special corrugated shape. Depending on the pollution level of the installation site, corrugated steel plates must be serviced every 5 to 10 years. These roofing sheets are ideal for protecting garages, porches and sheds.

Agricultural buildings often use poly PVC sol-coated corrugated boards. They consist of steel plates coated with a primer and PVC. These panels do not scratch or fade easily and usually last 25-30 years.

Corrugated roofing sheets have own characteristics make its price cheaper, which makes it more popular in the Indian market.

2.Polycarbonate roofing sheets low price and low maintenance cost

    Polycarbonate roofing sheets are widely used in industrial and large commercial buildings in India. Their ease of installation, good insulation and high strength factor make them suitable for such applications. Polycarbonate panels offer a plethora of textures and designs. They have very low maintenance costs such as pool areas, sky lighting, walkways. Homeowners have used it to build sheds, garages, and roofs with minimal slopes.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are mainly of low price and low maintenance cost. It is widely used not only in India, but also in all countries around the world.

3.Metal roofing sheets price are slightly higher

    Metal roofing sheets are usually composed of zinc, aluminum, copper and tin. They can customize different roofs based on price, durability, style, energy efficiency, longevity and aesthetic value. With different styles, textures and colors, they are less curved than corrugated roofing sheets. Metal roofing panels provide high insulation and can be used for backyard, garden building, garage, domestic cladding and industrial roofing. Metal roofing sheets can withstand wind, snow, hail, rain and fire.

Because Metal roofing sheets carries more high-intensity security, the price is relatively higher.

4.The corrugated plastic tile price depends on the quality of the plastic

    These panels are the least desirable and are mainly used for garden sheds or temporary structures as they are less durable than other types of roof panels. The better the quality of plastic, the higher the price of roofing panels. This raises the total cost of installing plastic panels.

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The price of Corrugated Plastic Tile mainly depends on the quality of the plastic. The better the quality of the plastic used, the better the price.

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