What is cold rolled coils

Cold-rolled coils are made of hot-rolled coils as raw materials, which are rolled below the recrystallization temperature at room temperature, including plates and coils. Among them, the delivered sheet is called steel plate, also called box plate or flat plate: the length is very long , The delivery in rolls is called steel strip, also called coil; the thickness of more than 0.15mm is called plate, and the thickness of less than 0.15mm is called foil.

Usage and advantages of cold rolled coils

Cold rolled coils have a wide range of uses, and are often used to process automotive panel manufacturing, electrical products, aviation, precision instruments, food cans, etc. Cold-rolled coils can provide a large number of high-precision and excellent performance steel plates and strips. Cold-rolled coils have accurate dimensions and uniform thickness. Extremely thin strips that cannot be produced by hot rolling can be obtained (the thinnest can be less than 0.001mm). The surface quality of cold-rolled products is superior, and there are no defects such as pitting and pressing into iron scale that often occur in hot-rolled coils.