Stainless steel coils can be divided into cold-rolled stainless steel coils and hot-rolled stainless steel coils according to different production processes. According to the different materials, they can be divided into austenite, ferrite, martensite and duplex. Several stainless steel coils, like other types of stainless steel plates, stainless steel coils have strong corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and their excellent quality makes them important industrial raw materials and building materials.

Stainless steel coils Chinese and foreign implementation standards.

We are a professional stainless steel coils  manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide the following standard stainless steel coils:

National Standard: GB/T3280-2009 Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Steel Plate and Strip.

GB/T4237-2009 Stainless Steel Hot-rolled Steel Plates and Strips.

Japanese standard: JIS G4304-2005 hot rolled stainless steel plate, sheet and steel strip.

JIS G4305-2005 cold rolled stainless steel plate, sheet and steel strip.

American Standard: ASTM A240/240M-10 pressure vessel and general purpose heat-resistant steel plate, sheet and steel strip.

ASTM A167-99 stainless steel and heat-resistant chromium-nickel steel plate, sheet and steel strip.

German standard: DIN 17440--2001 stainless steel hot-rolled steel strip or semi-finished product delivery conditions.

Stainless steel coils use

Stainless steel coils are the most common in our lives, ranging from household utensils, indoor piping, water heaters, and bathtubs, as large as auto parts, medical machinery, building materials, chemistry, food industry, textile industry, and dairy industry.

Stainless steel coils manufacturers

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