GI pipe supplier for philippines

GI pipe supplier for philippines
GI pipe supplier for philippines
GI pipe supplier for philippines
GI pipe supplier for philippines
GI pipe supplier for philippines
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Gi pipe is a steel pipe plated with a layer of zinc on the surface to improve its anti-corrosion performance after the steel pipe is formed. Gi pipe has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life. As a professional supplier of galvanized steel pipe, the company has advanced production capacity and sufficient inventory to meet market demand. In particular, Southeast Asian countries such as the philippines and vietnam are the main supply markets for our company's Gi pipe.

1.Gi pipe introduction

    Galvanized steel pipes are divided into cold galvanized steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. At present, hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are mainly used in the market. Hot-dip galvanized pipe is to make the molten metal react with the iron matrix to produce an alloy layer, so that the matrix and the coating are combined. The hot-dip galvanized steel pipe substrate undergoes complex physical and chemical reactions with the molten plating solution to form a corrosion-resistant zinc-iron alloy layer with a compact structure. The alloy layer of the galvanized steel pipe is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the steel pipe matrix, so it has strong corrosion resistance.

2.The advantages of Gi pipe for philippines

gi pipe.jpg

This picture shows the finished product of gi pipe. Its surface alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the steel pipe matrix, so it has the following advantages:

1. Low processing cost: The cost of hot-dip galvanized rust prevention is lower than that of other paint coatings.

2. Durable and durable: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe has the characteristics of surface gloss, uniform zinc layer, no leakage plating, no dripping, strong adhesion and strong corrosion resistance.

3. Good reliability: The galvanized layer and the steel are metallurgically combined, and become a part of the steel surface of the galvanized steel pipe, so the durability of the coating is more reliable.

4. The toughness of the coating is strong: the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure, which can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use.

5. Comprehensive protection: Every part of the plated parts can be plated with zinc, and can be fully protected even in depressions, sharp corners and hidden places.

6. Time-saving and labor-saving: The galvanizing process is faster than other coating construction methods, and it can avoid the time required for painting on the construction site after installation.

3.Gi pipe production process

The production process of galvanized steel pipe: black pipe--alkali washing--water washing--pickling--water rinsing--dipping aids--drying--hot-dip galvanizing--external blowing--internal blowing--air cooling -- water cooling -- passivation -- water rinsing -- inspection -- weighing -- storage.

4.Gi pipe application for philippines


This picture shows some application scenarios of gi pipe.

Gi pipe has excellent corrosion resistance and long service life, so it is widely used in construction, machinery, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highways, bridges, containers, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, Prospecting machinery, greenhouse construction and other industrial fields.

HDT tubing is a gi pipe Supplier for philippines

HDT Tubing Co.,Ltd ( is a professional galvanized steel pipe supplier in China. The company has advanced production equipment, strong technical strength and perfect after-sales service. The galvanized pipe products are well stocked and the quality is guaranteed.

The philippines is the main export market of our company's steel pipe products. Our company provides the best quality products and the best price, and provides 24-hour online service to solve customer problems in a timely manner.

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Name: Hawthorne Walker        time:2022-05-25 11:12:59
Well-made and shipped fast. Will purchase this GI pipe again.

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I am glad that the acutual steel product what you get is the same with the sample. Shipping fast and packaged well. For the price I would expect cheaper.

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