Color coated steel coil Vietnam

Color coated steel coil Vietnam
Color coated steel coil Vietnam
The color coated steel coil is formed by pressing a steel plate, and the surface is coated with paints of different colors. Color coated steel coil itself has good mechanical and structural properties, but also has aesthetics, anti-corrosion, flame-retardant and some additional properties, so it is very popular in Vietnam's construction, home appliance and other industries.

Characteristics of color coated steel coil

Color-coated steel coils are based on hot-dip galvanized sheets, hot-dip galvanized sheets, and electro-galvanized sheets. After surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), one or several layers of organic coatings are applied on the surface. Products that are subsequently baked and cured. It is also named because of the organic paint colored steel coils coated with various colors, referred to as color-coated coils. We use hot-dip galvanized steel strips as the base material for color-coated steel strips. In addition to the zinc layer protection, the organic coating on the zinc layer plays a role in covering and protecting, preventing the steel strips from rusting, and the service life is longer than that of galvanized strips. About 1.5 times. Color-coated steel coils are light, beautiful and have good anti-corrosion performance, and can be processed directly. The colors are generally divided into gray, sea blue, and brick red. In Vietnam, color-coated steel coils are mainly used in advertising, construction, home appliance industries, Electrical industry, furniture industry and transportation industry. The paint used for color-coated steel coils should be selected according to different use environments, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastisol, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. Vietnamese users can choose according to the purpose. We are a professional manufacturer of color-coated steel coils. The color-coated steel coils we produce can well maintain the characteristics of the product, extend the performance of the product to the greatest extent, and make it play the best function.

The use of color coated steel coil

1. In the construction industry, roofs, roof structures, rolling doors, kiosks, shutters, guard doors, street waiting rooms, ventilation channels, etc.;

2. Household appliance industry, refrigerators, air conditioners, electronic stoves, washing machine casings, petroleum furnaces, etc.;

3. Transportation industry, automotive ceilings, back panels, hoardings, car shells, tractors, ship compartments, etc. Among these uses, steel structure workshops, composite panel workshops, and color steel tile factories are used more.

Color-coated steel coils are widely used and are well used in construction, home appliances and transportation in Vietnam. If you are engaged in the wholesale of steel coils in Vietnam, or you want to import steel product from China, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with high-quality products and favorable prices.

Weight of a color coated steel coil

The normal tonnage of the color coated steel coils we produce is about 3.5 tons to 5 tons, but if some Vietnamese customers need small coils, such as more than 2 tons, they can be divided into two equal coils with more than 4 tons when doing color coating. In this way, the quality can be guaranteed and the requirements of customers can be met. For specific product requirements, Vietnamese customers can directly communicate with our salesmen. We will try our best to satisfy customers' requirements.

Color coated steel coil price

At present, the price of color-coated steel coils in Vietnam is about $380-580. The main factors affecting the price of pre-painted steel coils are raw material (substrate) and thickness of zinc layer, coating thickness, coating grade, steel coil thickness, packaging method and transportation cost, etc.

1. The price of color-coated steel coil is affected by the thickness of the steel coil substrate.

The thinner the color-coated steel coil, the higher the price. For example, the price of 0.13-0.16mm color-coated steel coil is relatively high, the price of 0.3-0.45mm color-coated steel coil changes little, and the price of 0.45-0.7mm color-coated steel coil is basically the same. Because the thinner the color-coated steel coil, the more meters per ton of steel coil and the larger the area. It will use more paint and a longer processing time.

2. The price of color-coated steel coils is affected by the thickness of the zinc layer.

The price of color coated steel coils depends on the different thicknesses of the zinc layer. For example, the price of a color-coated steel coil with a 20-gram zinc layer and a color-coated steel coil with a 50-gram zinc layer are very different. The price of color-coated steel coils is also affected by the aluminum content, and the prices of color-coated steel coils with 25% and 55% aluminum content are quite different. If the environment used is general, you can choose a color-coated steel coil with an aluminum content of about 25%. If it is used in a humid, outdoor and perennial tropical climate environment, it is recommended to choose a color coating with a higher aluminum and zinc content.

3. The price of color-coated steel sheets is affected by the thickness of the paint.

There are two types of color-coated steel coils: single-side color coating and double-side color coating. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the single-sided color-coated top paint film is 11-30um, and the thickness of the back paint is 5-10um. The thickness of the top coat of double-paint color coating is 11-30um, and the thickness of the back paint is also 11-30um. The price of single-sided color coating is lower than that of double-layer color coating. Customers are advised to choose the appropriate color coating according to the application and environment.

4. The price of color-coated steel coils is affected by the type and brand of paint.

The type and brand of paint also have an impact on the price of color-coated steel coils: paints are mainly divided into: PE polyester color plate, PVDF fluorocarbon color plate, HDP high weather resistance color plate and SMP silicon-calcium color-coated steel plate. PE coatings are used the most, and the price advantage is relatively large. PVDF coatings, HDP coatings and SMP coatings have a longer service life than PE coatings, but are more expensive. Better paint brands include Nippon, Aksu, etc. Customers also need to choose the paint brand according to the use place and environment of the color-coated steel coil.

5. The price of color-coated steel coils is affected by packaging.

The packaging of color-coated steel coils includes simple packaging, standard export packaging and special packaging.

Simple packaging, suitable for short-distance transportation, the outer layer is protected by waterproof kraft paper, the protection performance is simple, and the price is low.

The outer surface of standard export packaging is waterproof kraft paper and galvanized iron packaging. The outside of the steel coil is also protected with a galvanized iron sheet. Used in long-distance transportation and containers, using steel wire reinforcement. It can better protect the surface of prepainted steel coils. The waterproof effect is better. This type of packaging is the most widely used.

Special packaging includes vertical packaging or customer-required packaging. This packaging method can calculate the price according to the packaging cost. Vertical packaging is core up and the bottom is fixed on a wooden pallet. This packaging method protects the steel coil from external forces to the greatest extent, but the packaging cost and labor cost are relatively high.

6. The price of color-coated steel coils is affected by transportation costs.

We generally choose land and sea transportation for color-coated steel coils to Vietnam. Land transportation is fast and convenient; sea transportation takes a long time and the price is the cheapest. If the amount of goods transported at one time is not very large, and the logistics timeliness requirements are relatively high, you can choose air transportation, but the transportation cost is relatively high. Although the price of color-coated steel coils is affected by transportation costs, the impact is not significant.

Generally speaking, although the price of our color-coated steel coils is also affected by the above six factors, compared with products in the same industry, our color-coated steel coils are very cost-effective. You can compare our products with similar products in Vietnam. We are very confident in our products. You are welcome to consult and negotiate business at any time.


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