Color coated coil for Spain

Color coated coil for Spain
Color coated coil for Spain
Color coated coil for Spain
Color coated coil for Spain
Color coated coil for Spain
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Color coated coil is hot galvanized plate, hot galvanized aluminum zinc plate, galvanized plate and other substrates, the surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), on the surface coated with a layer or several layers of organic coating, and then after baking curing products. Because coated with a variety of different colors of organic paint color steel coil plate named, referred to as color coated coil. We are always sold to Spain and other countries, with good quality service to many customers at home and abroad.

1.Color coated coil substrate classification


Hot dip galvanized substrate  

The organic coating on hot dip galvanized steel plate to get the product is hot dip galvanized color coated plate.  In addition to the protective effect of zinc, the organic coating on the surface also plays the role of isolation protection and rust prevention, and the service life is longer than the hot galvanized plate.  The zinc content of hot-dip galvanized substrate is generally 180g/m2 (double-sided), and the zinc content of hot-dip galvanized substrate for external building is up to 275g/m2.  

Hot aluminized zinc substrate  

Hot aluminized zinc steel plate (55%Al-Zn) is used as the new coating substrate, usually containing 150g/㎡ of aluminized zinc (double-sided).  The corrosion resistance of hot aluminized zinc plate is 2-5 times that of hot galvanized plate.  Continuous or intermittent use at temperatures up to 490℃ does not result in severe oxidation or oxide skin.  The ability to reflect heat and light is 2 times that of hot-dip galvanized steel, and the reflectivity is greater than 0.75, which is the ideal building material for energy saving.  

Galvanized zinc substrate  

Galvanized sheet for the substrate, coated with organic coating baking products for galvanized color coated plate, because the zinc layer of galvanized sheet is thin, usually zinc content is 20/20g/m2, so the product is not suitable for use in outdoor wall, roof, etc..  But because of its beautiful appearance and excellent processing performance, it can be mainly used for household appliances, acoustics, steel furniture, indoor decoration and so on.  

2.Color coated coil coating type

The pattern of the painted roll in the picture can be customized, and customers can design the pattern according to their own preferences

Polyester (PE)

Good adhesion, rich color, wide range in formability and outdoor durability, medium chemical resistance, low cost.

Silicon-modified polyester

That is, (SMP), the film has good hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, as well as good external durability and resistance to powder, gloss retention, general flexibility and medium cost.

High durability polyester

(HDP), excellent color retention and uv resistance, excellent outdoor durability and resistance to powder, good adhesion of paint film, rich color, excellent cost performance.

Polyvinylidene fluoride

Namely (PVDF), excellent color retention and uv resistance, excellent outdoor durability and resistance to powder, excellent solvent resistance, good molding, dirty resistance, limited color, high cost.

3.Color coated coil usage

Color coated roll has light weight, beautiful and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed, the color is generally divided into gray, blue, brick red, mainly used in advertising, construction, household appliances, electrical appliances, furniture industry and transportation industry.

The coating used for color coating rolls according to the use of different environment to choose the appropriate resin, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, PVC plastisol, poly vinylidene chloride and so on. Users can choose according to usage.

4.Color coated coil to Spain

We are a large color coated coil company, perennial sales to Spai, Turkey, Malaysia and other overseas countries, annual output value, quality service, if you have product demand, please contact us, looking forward to cooperating with you

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