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Cold Rolled Coil VS Hot Rolled Coil for Malaysia
Cold Rolled Coil VS Hot Rolled Coil for Malaysia
Cold Rolled Coil VS Hot Rolled Coil for Malaysia
Cold Rolled Coil VS Hot Rolled Coil for Malaysia
Cold Rolled Coil VS Hot Rolled Coil for Malaysia

Cold Rolled Coil VS Hot Rolled Coil for Malaysia

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Cold rolling and hot rolling are two different steel rolling technology. As the name implies, cold rolling is to roll steel at room temperature. This kind of steel is very hard. Hot rolling is to roll steel at high temperature. Our hot and cold rolled coils have been exported to many foreign countries. And Malaysia is one of our destination countries for exports.

What's the difference between hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil? let's talk about this today.

How to distinguish hot rolled coil from cold rolled coil  by appearance



Which of the two pictures above is the hot rolled coil and which is the cold rolled coil? Can you make a distinction? Here are some ways to tell the difference.

A. Different colors 

Cold rolled coil's surface is oil, silver white and stainless steel about; 

Hot rolled coil's surface is brown, inconsistent color, or a pattern without oil. 

B. Different texture edge 

The texture of cold rolled coil is delicate and smooth with neat edges. 

The texture of hot rolled coil is rough, the shape does not have the rules of cold rolled, and sometimes the edge is not neat.

So now I think you know the answer, figure 1 is hot rolled coil, figure 2 is cold rolled coil.

How to distinguish hot rolled coil from cold rolled coil by raw material

A.Cold rolled coil uses hot-rolled coil as raw material, acid pickling to remove oxide skin after cold rolling pressure, the finished product is hard. Due to continuous cold deformation caused by cold hardening, strength, higher hardness, toughness index of rolling down, stamping performance deterioration, cold rolled coil can only be used for simple deformation of the parts. Rolling hard roll is typically used for making products do not need to bend or stretch, thickness in 1.0 the following two curving or all around the product.

B.Hot rolled coil uses main board as raw material, after heating, made to produce roughing and finishing mill group. Out of the finishing mill finally through laminar cooling of hot rolling steel strip to the set temperature, from the reel to the strip roll, after cooling to the strip roll, according to user requirements after different fine processing, steel plate, flat roller and vertical zone.

How to distinguish hot rolled coil from cold rolled coil by surface quality

A. because of the cold rolled coil is obtained by hot rolled coil in cold rolling process, and at the same time that cold rolled coil can do some surface finishing, so cold rolled coil in surface quality, such as the surface roughness is better than the hot one. Therefore, if the product quality of the coating has high requirements, such as painting, in the late choose cold plate.

B. in addition, the hot plate is divided into pickling plate and non-pickling board. Surface by pickling plate into the normal metal color, but with no cold rolling, the surface not cold plate. The pickling plate surface usually have ferro ferric oxide oxidation layer, or layer. In general, it is like on the fire roast, if storage environment is bad, usually with some rust.

How to distinguish hot rolled coil from cold rolled coil by processing technology

1, from the processing technology, hot rolled coil is hot working, cold rolled coil is cold working.

2, hot rolled coil is above the crystallization temperature of rolling, rolling; while cold rolled coil is below the crystallization temperature.

How to distinguish hot rolled coil from cold rolled coil by application scope

1, cold rolled coil is mainly used in cars, refrigerators, washing machines and other electrical appliances, and industrial equipment, all kinds of building materials.

2, hot rolled coil is mainly used in steel structures, bridges, ships, vehicles, all kinds of machinery parts and components for the production of production, etc.

Cold rolled coil VS hot rolled coil for Malaysia

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