ASTM A53 4 inch square steel pipe for sale

ASTM A53 4 inch square steel pipe for sale
ASTM A53 4 inch square steel pipe for sale
ASTM A53 4 inch square steel pipe for sale
ASTM A53 4 inch square steel pipe for sale
ASTM A53 4 inch square steel pipe for sale
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Square pipe is a kind of square shape tube type, many kinds of materials can form square pipe body, most of the square pipe is structural square tube, decoration square tube, construction square tube and so on. ASTM A53 4-foot square steel pipe is widely used in machinery manufacturing, construction, gold industry, agricultural vehicles, agricultural greenhouses, automobile industry, railway, highway guardrail, container frame, furniture decoration and steel structure fields, etc. It has been sold to many countries, and the feedback is very good.

1.What is square steel pipe called?


    Square pipe is a name for square pipe, that is, steel pipe with equal length on both sides. Generally, strip steel is unpacked, leveled, crimped, and then welded into a round tube through a series of molds, which is rolled into a square tube and then cut into the required length. Square pipes are commonly used for outdoor maintenance and plant construction.

2.How to cut square steel pipe?

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    Square pipe 45 degree Angle cutting method with square pipe to make a 45 degree Angle how to cut 1 cut the starting position of the square pipe side length of the position point, the end point of the square pipe edge 2 When the cutting is 45 degrees, the cutting line is exactly the diagonal line of the square with the side length of the square tube as the side length. At this time, the starting position of the cutting is the position point of the side length of the square tube. Cutting along the diagonal direction can obtain the 45 degree bevel cut 3 Most square tube steel tube, for most, after unpacking, smooth, curly, welding form circular tube, by circular tube rolling again and then cut into square tube need the length of the four metal material under static loading resistance destruction (excess plastic deformation or fracture) performance Due to the effect of load way has the form such as tensile compression bending shear, so the strength also divided into tensile strength Compressive strength flexural strength shear strength and other strengths often have a certain relationship, the use of tensile strength as the most basic strength pointer.

3.Reliable square steel pipe manufacturer


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What is ASTM A53?

ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe refers to the steel pipe grade of foreign standards, that is, American Standard. A53-f corresponds to domestic Q235 material, a53-a corresponds to domestic 10# material, and a53-b corresponds to domestic 20# material. The benchmark of this product is ASTM A53 seamless square tube.

How to produce ASTM A53 seamless square pipe?

ASTM A53 seamless square steel pipe mainly has two production processes.

Hot rolled steel pipes shall be delivered in hot rolling state or heat treatment state.

Production process of hot rolled seamless steel pipe: tube blank → heating → perforation → three roll cross rolling and continuous rolling → pipe stripping → sizing → cooling → straightening → hydrostatic test → marking → warehousing lever effect seamless steel pipe, which will be detected.

Production process of cold drawn seamless steel pipe: pipe blank → heating → perforation → heading → annealing → pickling → oiling → multi pass cold drawing → blank pipe → heat treatment → straightening → hydrostatic test → marking → warehousing.

In terms of wall thickness, cold drawn seamless steel pipe is more uniform than hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, and the surface roughness is better.

What are the uses of ASTM A53 seamless square steel pipe?

1. Buildings include: most underground pipelines are transported, underground water is extracted during building construction, boiler hot water is transported, etc.

2. Machining, bearing sleeve, machining machinery accessories, etc.

3. Electrical: gas transmission, water power generation fluid pipeline.

4. Anti static tube of wind power plant

If you are looking for ASTM A53 seamless square steel pipe, we have ASTM A53 4 inch square steel pipe in stock.

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