7075 aluminum plate supplier

7075 aluminum plate supplier
7075 aluminum plate supplier
7075 aluminum plate supplier
7075 aluminum plate supplier
7075 aluminum plate supplier
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7075 aluminum is a cold-treated forged alloy whose main alloying element is zinc. 7075 aluminum plate has high strength, high hardness, good mechanical properties and easy processing. The commonly used tempering methods for 7075 aluminum sheets are T6 and T651. Our company is a professional supplier of 7075 aluminum plate, with advanced production technology and perfect after-sales service. 7075 aluminum plate has sufficient inventory to meet market demand.

1.7075 aluminum plate parameter table

Product Name7075 aluminum plate
Length<8000 or  According to customer requirements
ProcessingServiceBending, Decoiling, Cutting
MOQ1 Ton
Delivery Time7-15 days
ApplicationAerospace, mold processing, machinery and equipment, fixtures

2.Chemical composition comparison of 7075-T651 and 7075-T6


The above table shows the chemical composition comparison of 7075 aluminum plate in two states.

T651 and T6 are the two most commonly used tempering methods for 7075 aluminum sheets. T6 is the artificial aging after solution treatment; T651 is the state of stress relief, that is, the residual stress after solution treatment is eliminated.

3.7075 aluminum plate characteristics

1.7075 aluminum plate is an alloy aluminum plate with zinc as the main alloying element, which has high strength and high hardness.

2.7075 aluminum plate is the strongest commercial alloy aluminum plate with good mechanical properties and anodic reaction.

3.7075 aluminum plate has good plasticity after solution treatment, and the heat treatment strengthening effect is particularly good, and it has high strength below 150 ℃.

4.7075 aluminum plate is easy to process and has good wear resistance.

4.7075 aluminum plate Mechanical properties

HardnessTensile strength σbYield strength σ0.2Elongation δ5 (%)DensityThermal conductivity

5.7075 aluminum plate application


This picture shows some application scenarios of 7075 aluminum plate.

7075 aluminum plate is an alloy metal material commonly used in industry today. 7075 aluminum plate is a high-strength alloy. Its appearance has helped many manufacturing industries and made great contributions to the development of human aviation.

Main uses of 7075 aluminum plate: aerospace, automobile, machinery, military industry, industry, golf, shoe mold, paper mold, wax mold, template, fixture, mechanical equipment, mold processing and other corrosion-resistant high-stress structural parts.

6.The difference between 7075 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate

1. The ingredients are different:

The 7000 series mainly uses zinc as the main alloy, and the composition ratio reaches 6%.

The 6000 series mainly use magnesium and silicon as the main alloys, and the total composition ratio is relatively low.

2. Different strengths:

7005 aluminum plate is stronger than steel plate, slightly stronger than 6061 aluminum plate.

3. The price is different:

7075 aluminum plate is the lightest and strongest aluminum material, and the price is super expensive!

6061 aluminum sheet is the most common aluminum material, light, strong, and economical.

4. Practicality is different:

7005 contains a high proportion of other metals, so welding and handling are more difficult.

Due to the low proportion of other metals in 6061, it can increase its strength and reduce its wind resistance through special-shaped and various treatments, and even 3 times of pumping can be used to reduce the weight.

HDT Tubing Co., Ltd. is an aluminum sheet supplier

HDT Tubing Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum sheet supplier. The company has various series of aluminum sheets, sufficient inventory and quality assurance. The company adheres to the customer-centric business philosophy, and has won the trust of customers with high-quality products, thoughtful service and punctual delivery.

The company has mature industry experience and can accept customized services. The aluminum plate products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and are well received by customers.

Although there are many aluminum sheet manufacturers in China, we have more sufficient inventory and more favorable prices to meet customer needs. So we are still your best choice.

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