5086-H116 aluminum sheet China

5086-H116 aluminum sheet China
5086-H116 aluminum sheet China
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5086 aluminum plate manufacturers China.5086-H116 aluminum sheet has a wide range of applications Supply status of 5086 aluminum plate: O, h112, h116, h111, H321, H32, H36, h38.If you are looking for an aluminum plate manufacturer, then we are your best choice

According to the content difference of aluminum alloy, the products of 5 series alloy include: 5005, 5052, 5754, 5056, 5086, 5083, etc. 5083 aluminum plate and 5086 aluminum plate are excellent representatives of antirust aluminum plate. The content of 5086 aluminum plate is silicon Si ≤ 0.40 and copper Cu ≤ 0.10. Taking 5086 antirust aluminum plate as an example, it is mainly used in occasions requiring high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as automobile, aircraft weldments, ship plate manufacturing and ship accessories.

5086-H116 Rust-proof aluminum plate

Generally speaking, the commonly used 5086 antirust aluminum plate is in the state of O, h111, h112, h116, H321, etc. in terms of mechanical properties, 5086 antirust aluminum plate is tensile strength σ B (MPA): ≥ 240, conditional yield strength σ 0.2 (MPA): ≥ 95, elongation δ 10 (%): ≥ 10, elongation δ 5 (%): ≥ 125083, 5086 aluminum plate as the representative of antirust aluminum alloy, which has great development potential in the current marine aluminum plate and other marine markets. At present, many domestic aluminum plate processing enterprises are also strengthening this research and development to develop the shipbuilding market of antirust aluminum plate.

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5086 Aluminum plate manufacturer China. 

For example, Mingtai aluminum manufacturer in Henan and Southwest Aluminum Manufacturer in Chongqing, these large aluminum plate manufacturers have the ability to produce 5086 antirust aluminum plates on a large scale. At the same time, they have industry-leading production equipment and process level. Therefore, they are also the object of learning and imitation by many antirust aluminum plate manufacturers in China. These enterprises have also led the industry in many aspects and promoted the development of the industry, It provides reliable practical guidance for the production innovation of 5086 antirust aluminum plate in China.

Supply status of 5086 aluminum plate: O, h112, h116, h111, H321, H32, H36, h38 ●

5086 aluminum plate chemical composition:

Mg: 3.5 ~ 4.5

Zinc Zn: ≤ 0.25

Mn: 0.20 ~ 0.7

Titanium Ti: ≤ 0.15

Cr: 0.05 ~ 0.25

Fe: 0.000 ~ 0.500

Note: single: ≤ 0.05; Total: ≤ 0.15

What is the hardness of 5086-h116 aluminum plate?

Aluminum alloy plate 5086 series aluminum and magnesium alloy for machining is a representative product of aluminum alloy with medium strength, corrosion resistance and good weldability. It is widely used in all fields, from thin plate to thick plate.

The hardness is related to the chemical composition, thickness and fire state of aluminum plate. The hardness of thin plate is lower than that of thick plate, and the hardness of o-state aluminum plate is the lowest. Above 10mm

5083-O state hardness is hb67 degrees;

5086-h116 hardness is hb70 degrees;

The magnesium content of 5083 is 4.0-4.9, which is higher and the hardness is better than that of other alloy aluminum plates in China.

Why 5086-h116 aluminum plate is used for aluminum alloy hull?

Because the hull is in water, there are certain requirements for the shell. There is a demand for materials with corrosion resistance, hard texture and light weight. 5086-h116 aluminum plate just has these characteristics.

When aluminum and aluminum alloy approved for the manufacture of hull pressure vessels are used as pressure components:

The following requirements shall be met:

  • The design pressure shall not be greater than 16MPa;

  • The design temperature range of aluminum alloy with magnesium content greater than or equal to 3% (such as 5083 and 5086) is - 269 ℃ ~65 ℃, the design temperature range of other grades of aluminum and aluminum alloys is - 269 ℃ ~ 200 ℃.

  • 5086-h116 aluminum and aluminum alloy for pressure vessels can only be used in pressure components such as shell if they meet the two conditions specified above. 5086-h116 aluminum plate has the above characteristics.

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