5083 h116 and 5083 h321 aluminium plate manufacturer

5083 h116 and 5083 h321 aluminium plate manufacturer
5083 h116 and 5083 h321 aluminium plate manufacturer
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HDT steel is a 5083 h116 and h321 aluminium plate manufacturer and supplier china.5083 h116 and h321 aluminium plate are widely used in the field of shipbuilding and aviation. We offer 5083 h116 and h321 aluminium plate products of high quality and low price.

5083 is the brand of aluminum alloy and H321 is the state of aluminum alloy!

5083 H116 and H321 aluminum plate belongs to Al Mg alloy and has a wide range of applications. Especially in the construction industry, it is the most promising aluminum alloy. Good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability and medium strength.


Mechanical properties of 5083 aluminum plate

Tensile strength σ b (MPa):110-136

Elongation δ 10 (%): ≥20

Annealing temperature: 415 ℃.

yield strength σ s (MPa) ≥110

Sample blank size and all wall thicknesses

5083 aluminum plate picture

Elongation δ 5 (%) ≥12

The performance of aluminum alloy plate 5083, h116 and H321 is better in the ocean?

According to CCS material and welding specification:

1. H116: the state of aluminum alloy with magnesium content not less than 3.0% after anti-corrosion treatment;

2. H321: aluminum alloy with magnesium content not less than 3.0% is stabilized after work hardening

Let's look at the relevant definitions of anti-corrosion treatment and hardening treatment:

H116 - hot rolling, strong tension;

H2 * - continuous casting and rolling, tensile strength and partial toughening;

H321 - stable performance after internal stress treatment;

H4 * - painted or coated;

H * 2 - 25% hardness treatment; H * 4 - 50% hardness treatment;

H * 6 - 75% hardness treatment; H * 8 - hardness treatment above 90

H116: applicable to products made of 5 * * * series alloy with magnesium content ≥ 4% These products have specified mechanical properties and anti - peeling corrosion performance requirements

Therefore, h116 and H321 have good corrosion resistance and more stable performance. Their mechanical properties are similar, and both have good corrosion resistance after coating As far as I know, it is possible to use both methods in the construction of seagoing ships, and more mechanical properties need to be provided by Tiger aluminum The welding process and Application Research of aluminum ship

Difference between 5083 H116 and 5083 H321 aluminum plates

Using ipgyls-6000 fiber laser to weld 4 mm thick 5083-h116 aluminum alloy plate, the effects of welding process parameters on weld formation and defects were studied, and the microstructure and mechanical properties of the joint were analyzed The results show that the matching of laser power, welding speed and defocus amount comprehensively affects the penetration of weld; The main problems of fiber laser welding 5083 aluminum alloy are surface concave and undercut; Under the condition of penetration, ideal weld can be obtained by using fiber laser with high power of 5kW and 6kW and speed range of 6m / min ~ 9m / min; Under the optimized parameters of zero defocus, power 6kw and welding speed 9m / min, the crystal morphology in the welded joint gradually changes from fine columnar crystal to equiaxed dendritic crystal from the fusion line to the weld center, and there is obvious component segregation; The hardness test shows that the microhardness of the weld zone fluctuates, and its average value is lower than that of the base metal; The tensile strength of the joint is 287mpa, about 83.9% of the base metal, the yield strength is 227mpa, and the elongation is 3.57%. The fracture location is in the weld area, and the fracture type is ductile fracture.

HDT steel is a aluminum plate manufacturer and supplier

HDT steel is a professional 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer and supplier. In the past 15 years, we have focused on providing 5083 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum coil, color aluminum coil, aluminum corrugated plate and patterned aluminum plate. The materials of aluminum plate are complete, and the quality is guaranteed to be directly supplied by shippers all over the country. Perennial large inventory supply 5083H321 aluminum plate, 5083 ultra wide aluminum plate, marine alloy aluminum plate, etc.

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Received the 5083 h116 and 5083 h321 aluminium plates. Good material at a good price....Extremely flat.

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